Monday, September 26, 2016

Eth for the Wynn!

Overheard while the Hobbit Wife was helping Seimi with his math:
HW: What is a number that has two vowels in it?
S: Five!
HW: Good! How do you spell five?
S: F-I-V-E
HW: Good! What's another number that has two vowels in it?
S: Three!
HW: Good! How do you spell three?
S: I don't know
HW: Well, how do you spell the "th" sound?
S: Eth

[Hobbit Wife sits there with a big English major grin]


This weekend was the first time for the hobbitlings to get to sleep in the new Bunker. Drywall mud will be coming in the near future, along with paint. New flooring and trim will be further out.

Friday, September 23, 2016

That Squeejee!

Mr. Squeejee packed away in one of his toy boxes
Naughty Eej up in Ela's bunkbed. After he had been put down to sleep for the night, he quietly closed the door, sneaked stealthily out of his bed and climbed up the ladder, then began playing with Ela's stuffed animals.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hobbit Feast - Autumnal Equinox Variety

The Hobbit Wife and her helpers prepared a hobbit feast tonight in celebration of the turning of the season tomorrow.
Owls for dessert.
Places set and Tsum-Tsums waiting in each hobbit's cup. 
Hobbitlings and Miss Abby (honorary hobbit)
Feasting on the second course - mushrooms, sausage, muffins, and pickles
Everyone had their very finest manners on, and even Eejee contributed to the cultured atmosphere by carefully licking his soup off the table as he spilled.
'Twas a most blessed summer and shall be a blessed autumn!

September Continues

September has continued as a remodeling-heavy month, as witnessed by our drywall-heavy van.
Consequently, we've been taking rest very seriously.
Remodeling inside means the hobbitlings are sent outside for much playtime. Here, all are dressed in various Redwall-themed costumes. Boookie the near-invisible Marlefox, Ela the glamorous woodland princess, Seimi the purple-hooded warrior, and Eejee the camouflaged (the better to remain unseen while doing disruptive things).
Ela and Seimi have been loving the mounds of scraps from the remodeling. Here, Ela has repurposed scrap foam insulation and survey tape to create a lovely awning for her house.
Eejee checking on the Mayor's remodel progress.
Seimi helping the Mayor with drywall screws.
With the Mayor absent from the gym, it's been up to Boookie and Ela to represent. Here's Ela working on her front squat.
Here's Boookie working hard on the reverse hyper. As the lifter saying goes, "skills pay the bills," and Boookie is building up his bank account with his diligence at the gym!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Electrical Interrupt

The Mayor has the house remodel in full-swing.
How full-swing?
Brewing-coffee-in-the-bathroom-because-so-many-circuits-are-shut-off-pending-electrical-inspection. That kind of full-swing!

Electrical inspection today, so we should be back to normal coffee-brewing by tomorrow morning.

Monday, September 12, 2016

accio bookworm!

as part of our homeschooling records, we keep a running list of the books our young hobbitlings read in their spare time.

this summer, with the help of the entire harry potter series as well as a large portion of the many-volumed redwall series, boookie read over 10,000 pages!  eulaliaaaaaa!!!