Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas Prep

Hobbitlings unwrapping ornaments to decorate the tree.
Eejee hanging ornaments.
After the tree was decorated, the hobbitlings made a heavy raid on the Halloween candy stash to get supplies for decorating.
Best use of Halloween candy - gingerbread house!
This year's tree - note the "window" in front that is being used to showcase the Star Wars ornaments.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


When Eejee is playing in his room, sometimes he can be overheard singing songs to himself, and he is very fond of Metallica (following in Boookie's footsteps). Here are a few of the lines that were overheard this morning:

...Obey your Mommie. MOMMIE!
...Exter light, enter night. Eh, my man. Off to Never-Never Land.
Wobo, wando, baking-ah...anywhere I woam, where ah ::unintelligible::

Friday, December 8, 2017

Math Documentation

Upon being asked to show his work on paper rather than solve all his math problems in his head, Boookie jokingly told the Hobbit Wife:

You can just sit down here in your nest of rules and regulations and limits while i soar above the complexities of my math problems in style.

Immunization Day

Today was Immunization Day, when all the hobbitlings got caught up on their shots. As Boookie explained to everyone, it is like upgrades to their deflector shields. On the way home we stopped to get everyone ice cream and chips to celebrate.
Eejee is looking grumpy. The doctor handed him a ladybug toy that buzzes and is intended to provide distraction during the shot. Eejee was deeply suspicious of the ladybug and his suspicion was confirmed when he got a shot. He has been announcing, "I don't like ladybugs. They hurt me very very much."
Ela gave Eejee some tea and he loved it, stating it was "warmy and good and tasting."

Saturday, November 25, 2017

On Decorating

As the Mayor was hanging up outside Christmas lights, Seimi noticed the lights were longer than the house. He recommended we either make the house wider or extend the lights down the side of the house. The Mayor went with the simpler option.
One of the things Seimi announced he was looking forward to was hanging up "those sock things." When he came inside from playing outside, he joyfully exclaimed, "Look! The sockets!"

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Eejee was sitting next to Mommie, looking out at the shop in the backyard.
E: Mommie, is that Daddy's sho-ahp?
M: Yes it is.
E: Did you hee-alp him?
M: Yes I did.
E: Did you hee-alp him with the bowahds?
M: Yes I did.


E: Is it weally yooah sho-ahp?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

GranDma-Apu celebration

On Friday, the hobbits hosted GrandMa and Apu to celebrate their four decades of marriage. The hobbitlings were the waiters for the evening.
 The Celebrated enjoying an entertainment program arranged by the hobbitlings.
Elathan the food critic (Seimi hosted this bit as Ela and Beothan jointly performed).
At the close of the evening, the full Michael Delving kazoo orchestra played "Once Upon a Dream" so Apu and GranDma could dance their fortieth anniversary waltz.
Well done, GranDma and Apu!