Saturday, March 17, 2018

March Happening

Since the last post, things have been busy around Michael Delving, with school...
extracurricular enrichment...
...and lots of coloring.
Eejee comes stumbling out of his room every morning to say 'Good morning' to the Hobbit Wife and Mayor while they are having coffee. He started coming out with his blanket, then with his blanket and his otters. In the past week, he's taken to coming out with a box of stuffed animals and blankets.
The Mayor and Boookie got an unexpected invitation to come out to Mr. Jim and Miss Fern's ranch in Colorado to help build fence. Due to ice storms, they missed their flight from Denver to Cortez, so they got an SUV and drove through the Rockies, arriving in Cortez just before midnight.
The long trip clearly took its toll on Boookie's energy.
The next morning at the ranch, Boookie got to meet the three horses that currently live there.
Duke, Ranger and Dan
Boookie on the four-wheeler, which he nicknamed "The Prairie Dog." He turned out to be a very capable helper with the fence building, fetching supplies and moving equipment.
Boookie with Dan.
A picture for scale.
Looking from the pasture down toward the creek bottom, with the Rockies in the distance.
All told, we ended up putting in just shy of 1,000 feet of fence in two days' work.
Boookie and Mr. Jim loading up some fence panels with the Cat.
Boookie driving the Cat.
Mr. Jim and the Mayor
Boookie and Mr. Jim
Boookie and the Mayor
For the flight back, we were able to take the little puddle jumper as originally planned.
Boookie enjoying the takeoff
Flying over the Rockies on an absolutely beautiful winter afternoon.
While we haven't been doing other things, the Mayor has been making steady progress on the shop with assistance from the Hobbit Wife.  
Enjoying a Sunday BBQ after church in the new Baldachin (BÆL. duh. kin).

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Overdue Post

The Mayor discovered that no post was ever created documenting the last time we visited the Museum of Flight, for Boookie's fifth birthday.
Boookie's eyes widening at the roar of the Blue Angels taking off from Boeing Field. In the foreground, he is playing with a toy F/A-18 and couldn't believe his eyes at seeing a real one.

January Post

January has been a busy month, so here is a pictorial update of significant occurrences. The Hobbit Wife and Ela went to California to visit Great Grandma Ruth, so the Mayor took the lads to the Museum of Flight.
The following day, the Mayor resumed work on the shop, assisted by the lads.
While the Mayor and Boookie were digging a trench for grounding rod, Seimi and Eejee were recreating Christmas. They set up a track around boxes and they re-opened all their Christmas presents.
Last Friday, all the hobbits had a "Books and Chocolate" cozy evening. Cookies were made, books were opened, everyone was left in peace, and although the Mayor and Eejee went to bed before 10, everyone else stayed up until 1 in the morning.
The next morning, this note appeared on top of the cookies. Around Michael Delving, once food has reached leftover status, it generally becomes the "lawful prey" of the Hobbit Wife. Ela co-opted the practice to claim the rest of the cookies for hobbitlings.
The Mayor continues work on the shop, with the latest addition being electricity, which is now connected and inspected. Next stop is insulation and drywall.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Seimi and the Mayor working on Seimi's new Lamborghini puzzle.
Boookie's new LEGO Roman Legionnaires practicing their testudo formation, inspired by their centurion and their parakeet aquila
Eejee practicing his own variant on the testudo formation.
Seimi made a LEGO game of some kind.
Seimi with his new pet LEGO dragon.