Friday, April 17, 2015

Vegetation Vandalism

Today marks the 12th Engage-adversary for the Mayor and the Hobbit Wife.  As the Mayor and Hobbit Wife were sitting on the porch in the sunshine reminiscing, the Mayor noticed that one of the rose bushes had suddenly burst into bloom with flowers that were clearly not roses.
It turns out Ela had picked up fallen blossoms from a neighbor's empress tree and placed them strategically on the rose.
As the Mayor and Hobbit Wife were talking with Ela about engagements, they began laying out the framework of conditions under which Ela could become engaged herself.
  1. No long engagements, but...
  2. The Mayor and Hobbit Wife will have to have known the young man long enough to know his character, and...
  3. He has to have a job, because even Adam had a job before he got married, taking care of the garden..
Ela piped up, "Well, that's not a problem.  I could always just give him a job taking care of my garden and they we could get married whenever we wanted to."

Yikes.  Just yikes.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


After nursing, Eejee announced to Mommie, Daddy's in kitchen!  
He repeated this accurate observation several times but then grew tired of being asked, Where's Daddy?
He grimaced at Mommie, then announced that the game would be changing by grabbing her hand and saying High Five!

Boookie Stark, The Early Years

Here's Boookie with his aluminum can calculator.  The highlight of assembling this was his getting to say Tony Stark's line from Iron Man, "I've got a big one powering my factory at home."
There was great rejoicing when the first zero appeared!

Our Beauty

A wonderfully talented friend sketched this portrait of Ela recently.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Lately we've been hanging out in the play yard,
napping out in the regular yard while hobbitlings weave dandelions into our hair and/or throw grass on us,
and collecting dandelion bouquets and/or just being dandelions (doesn't it look like one good "PUFF" and Seimi will be bald?).
Here is a series of portraits taken as all the hobbitlings played on the swingset together.
At night, we've been enjoying reading stories out loud and playing with playdough.
Our latest book is the first in the Wingfeather Saga, "On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness,"which is a really fun story.  Here's Ela's take on the one-legged grandfather Podo chasing a rascally Thwap that has taken off with one of his carrots.

Monday, April 6, 2015

A very manly easter

Here are 75% of the Michael Delving men getting ready for Easter.
And here they are, sporting bowties from the Mayor's "Grandpa Walt" collection.

Friday, April 3, 2015

E's at Play

Here are our E's playing together. 
Ela calls the plastic rings "the food chain" because Eejee loves to eat everything on it.