Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Where does this salad come from?  It tastes like leaves.

Train to Dreamland

Monday, January 25, 2016

Abbreviated Bedtime

Last night, Seimi came upstairs to inquire about a parental tuck-in.  After an afternoon and evening of extended family time, the tired parental units sent a message of affection and rapid lights-out downstairs via the 5-year-old.  He announced from the top of the stairs:

S, s, s, sorry guys!  Tuck-in-self time!

We will miss Mr. S's placeholder stutter that announces, I have something to say, so nobody mow over me in this conversation... Now that I have the floor, give me a sec to figure out what that is.

Another thing that is already gone but missed is Boookie and Ela's use of reflexive pronouns, especially the utility pronoun "chether," derived of course, from "each other."

For example:
Look, the animals are loving their chether.

Mommie said we need to each play by our chether.

I don't want to play LEGOs right now.  You should play by your chether.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Cat Named Goggy

Eejee got a stuffed animal from Great Grandma Ruth for Christmas this year.  The cat has become one of Eejee's best buddies and recently, unprompted and unassisted, he named the cat "Goggy."
This is one who likes to make up his own mind.  We're pretty sure he knows it's a cat, but he went ahead and named it "Doggy."

On Ritual Cleansing

Last night, long after everyone had been tucked in, the bathroom light went on. The Mayor and Hobbit Wife were listening intently to the sounds of handwashing. The Mayor went to investigate...

Mayor: Seimi, it's after bedtime. Why are you washing your hands?
Seimi: I remembered that I touched money today. Money has lots of germs so I'm doing extra wash with extra soap.

This from the kid who NEVER remembers to wash his hands after using the bathroom.  EVER.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Today brought to you by the number "7"

Overheard during homeschool while working from home today:
Hobbit Wife: Seimi, good job on drawing your sevens on your math.

HW: You know, there is another way to also draw sevens.  I do my sevens this way:

Seimi: Oh, that's nice.  I think I'll do my sevens this way:

HW: (giggling)  Actually, let's just stick with the regular way.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


It finally came time to shear Eejee's baby curls, which were getting into mullet stage.