Monday, December 22, 2014


seimi asking a distracted daddy who was trying to focus on work at the kitchen table, "daddy, do sheep lay eggs or do cows lay eggs?"
"sheep do lay eggs but cows don't," was the surprising answer.

seimi was heard muttering as he ran up to the table shortly thereafter, "pigs don't have eyebrows."

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Leading off the decorations are the oldest ones of all, from the Mayor's first Christmas.  These little guys have seen better days, but in the land of blind puffball acorn skiers, the one-eyed puffball acorn skier is king!
Seimi hanging a car ornament very close to a green light since green is for Seimi.
Boookie inquiring about what kind of World War 2 plane one ornament is.  He decided it was most like an ME 262.
Ela making a very long, deliberate choice which ornament to hang up for her turn.
The Bunker got some camo netting and white lights, along with a little Christmas tree with Lego presents.  There's even a remote control to turn the lights on and off.
The Bower got pink lights and another little Christmas tree, also with a remote control.  The fun continued to grow when the hobbitlings discovered they can control each others' lights with the remote controls.

Friday, December 12, 2014


"i've noticed something - the better the food, the badder the breath."
beothan, age 9

Monday, December 8, 2014

Annual Traditions

We're all looking forward to Christmas, but probably none more than Seimi.  He was very insistent that we need to have a Christmas tree that was "at least as tall as when I was three."  He was very satisfied at the sheared Douglas Fir we selected from our traditional source, Chubby & Tubby's, particularly when decorated with our the traditional Christmas lights from the Hobbit Wife's growing-up years.
Admiring the lights after dinner, Seimi suddenly blurted out, "Wait!  I forget - how do you turn these lights off?  Do you blink at them?"

Friday, December 5, 2014

sing it like you mean it

at the risk of offending any of our dear readers, i confess...

i've never been a big fan of joe cocker's ballad, "you are so beautiful."

it's those two little qualifying words unnecessarily tacked onto the end of what might have been a fabulous compliment: "you are so beautiful... to me."

i'm sure i'm in the minority here, and perhaps i'm just a really grumpy person.  but i've always imagined the lyrics look something like this:

you are so beautiful!!!*
*to me.  everyone else politely tries to focus on your great personality. 

anyway.  i've never had occasion to share these thoughts with my seven year-old daughter.

so when she came into the kitchen this morning, dressed-up in so many layers of princess garb and plastic jewelry that she looked like madame bonbon from the nutcracker, i laughed and burst into song:

"you are so beautiful... to me!"  (it was true!)

to my absolute joy and maternal pride, she furrowed her little eyebrows at me and retorted with conviction,

"now that is just insulting."

that's my girl!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

New in the Kitchen

After a long and much-needed hiatus from house projects, the Mayor and the Hobbit Wife have been enjoying a renewed/new sense of purpose as they have been exploring what Michael Delving is about.  The house seems to have a growing sense of identity, and all kinds of house projects small and large are springing to joyful life.
Last Saturday over coffee in the morning, the Mayor commented that he'd like to replace the kitchen floor.  It ended up taking longer than he expected because SOMEONE (the picture gives a clue as to that person's identity) had done a bang-up job with prepping and gluing the previous kitchen floor tiles, necessitating much chiseling and prying (aka bang-up job #2) to remove the old floor.
Here's some of the new kitchen floor mid-installation.  It took much longer than expected but turned out wonderfully.
While the floor was going on upstairs, downstairs in the Mayor's shop, the new kitchen table (begun long ago in the summer of 2012) was drying under the last coat of polyurethane.  The table had been on hold for this long because it needed to wait until the Mayor and the Hobbit Wife knew what sort of family gathering place was needed.  Once the Father passed that on, the rest was a piece of cake.  The Mayor worked up a quick model in Sketchup to work out the exact dimensions.
And it was only two weekends from there to the finished table, which turned out to be everything that was hoped for.
 The finished table and new floor.  We look forward to hosting you soon!

Friday, November 28, 2014


boookie was seated at the home computer, making explosion noises aplenty as he gleefully recreated the allies' defeat of the axis powers in italy.

[ela]  what are you doing, brother?
[boookie, with great gusto]   i'm blowing up sicily!
[ela, incensed]   why on earth are you doing that to poor cecily?!