Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mystery Solved!

Seimi has been getting sick just about every week, but the sickness hasn't spread to siblings.  The mystery was solved today when the Hobbit Wife caught him sucking on the handle of the grocery cart.  Apparently he decided that's a "thing."  He is currently undergoing training in a hygiene reeducation camp.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mirror, Mirror

Ela got a mirror on Saturday.  As we were heading to the van, Boookie pointed out the name of the mirror and announced, "Hey - Ung Drill, forged from the shards of Mommie's mirror!"
The torch has been successfully passed on to the next generation.

The Bunker

"The Bunker" got its official sign today, along with the first of what will likely be many danger signs posted on the door.  Cutie Kittie (secret identity General Schwartzkat) has been training for airborne assault with his genuine military surplus parachute.  One more jump and he gets his wings.
And here is Cutie Kittie after his fifth successful jump, posing with the hobbitlings.  Teensy meerkat uniform paratrooper wings were backordered at the military surplus store.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Getting Ready

The residents of Michael Delving have been excitedly getting ready for the arrival of Baby Boy, who is allegedly arriving on or about May 2.

 Birthing supplies are all acquired, washed and ready to go...
 The changing table is all stocked up...
 The baby boy clothes are all washed and folded...
The upstairs room has been completely redone.  Below is the room seven years ago.

With the reconfiguration, it is now mostly Ela's bedroom (with one wall painted baby blue.) We're trying out the title of "The Bower" for this room.
Ela is delighted as she begins to comprehend what it means to be the only girl.  She'll have to share with Baby Boy for a few years, but all this is her space.  Space of her very own is one thing that she's never experienced.
The downstairs playroom has been reconfigured as well into "The Bunker."  There are a few more details to take care of, but it's going to be a military-ish room that positively reeks of dude in fairly short order.  The Hobbit Wife has promised Navy-style room inspections to maintain order for the downstairs troops.
Boookie spends a lot of time practicing his trigger finger, and he's always wearing a camouflage something.
That crazed look in Seimi's eyes?  He's loads of fun, but that look is likely to show up with increasing frequency as he's displaced from the baby to the "Medium-Size Boy."

Monday, March 31, 2014

What to do with kitchen stuff

We've been getting ready for the arrival of the little boy, which has involved rearranging sleeping and play areas.  One of the discussions that came up regards the play kitchen.  The Mayor and Hobbit Wife assumed that would stay downstairs in the boys bedroom, but the hobbitlings informed us that was not so.

In Ela's words, "Seimi told us he's done with kitchen things and has moved on to a military life."

The Mayor and Hobbit Wife have observed that thus far, the military life for Seimi involves much running about the backyard making explosion noises and screaming, "Noooooo!  I'm a soh-jah!"

Friday, March 28, 2014

Physical Air-Pee

Since the Mayor introduced the concept of physical therapy to Michael Delving, the hobbitlings now joyfully clamor for getting physical therapy of their own to deal with real or perceived injuries.  Seimi (who stubbornly refers to airplanes as "air-pees"), will request, "I'll have some physical air-pee and some tickle."

Sunday, March 23, 2014

End of 2013 Post (just noticed it wasn't published)

Just to round out the year, here's what we've been up to:
 Ela loved being in the children's choir, as witnessed by her napping, surrounded by sheet music.
After a grueling push at work (crazy project schedules on top of a difficult professional development class), our holiday vacation began on Friday, December 20.  We had circled that date on our calendar for several months and were overjoyed to be greeted with a much-needed snowfall that morning.

The Mayor was delighted to take his first puff on his very own hobbit pipe, a gift from a friend who knows him well.