Friday, September 25, 2015


This year for school, in addition to the standard subjects of study, each hobbitling student also gets to study their own T.H.A.G.S. (Three Honored and Great Subjects - borrowed from the delicious "Wingfeather Saga.").
Booookie's THAG is Invention; he is focusing on programming and robotics at first, but other avenues of Invention are also fair game.
Ela's THAG is Form; she is starting with painting but will also be exploring other artistic expressions of Form through the school year.
Seimi's THAG is Place; he is enjoying making and studying maps and other expressions of Place.
Eejee's THAG is Boundary; he enjoys a constant exploration of boundaries, especially exploring beyond said boundaries into the delightful realm of No-No.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Through the Window

Today is the first real day of fall for the residents of Michael Delving, as the Mayor returns to work after a delicious two week vacation.  The hobbitlings are all excited to dive into the new schoolwork in the refreshed school room.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Welcome to the Bathtub!

Seimi and Eejee started taking their Saturday baths together.  This evening, Seimi started belting out his own version of the Guns N' Roses classic:
Welcome to the bathtub!
We've got submarines!
::unintelligible singing::
Sha-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah knees, knees!
I want to watch you scream!  (This line belted out as Eejee was getting his hair washed)
Note: Boookie was reading over the Mayor's shoulder and commented, "It's not AC-DC - it's Guns N' Roses," so the Mayor made that correction.

Friday, September 11, 2015

All Terrain Baby

Here are an assortment of pictures of our All Terrain Baby.  He is a wonderful and mischief-loving baby (for example, the Mayor got this far into the post before having to go rescue him after he became stuck between the crib and the wall as he was attempting to access the "no no drawer" from the back side of the crib).  Below is a picture of him with his favorite toy, his bucket.  He destroyed said bucket with too much love.
Playing on the rock pile with Seimi.  He lost rock pile privileges because those rocks just look too tasty and he can't keep from chewing them.
 Testing out the new gate with Ela, shaking it vigorously until it fell over.
First trip with Daddy to the hardware store to get new rubber tips for the gate.
Being a goofball in his half of the room.  The Mayor and Hobbit Wife installed a fence across the room with a gate to Ela's side.  Eejee notices immediately if the gate isn't latched all the way and will sprint across the room, tear open the gate, and try to get his mitts on as much of Ela's stuff as possible before he gets caught.
More goofball.

Eejee has earned the affectionate nickname of "Chum Bucket" for his eating habits.
We love our wee beast!
Eejee's silliness is something that really must be seen to be believed!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Boookie's 10th Birthday

After his birthday dinner, Boookie was sent to check the mail, where he discovered he was invited to a Treasure Hunt.  Puzzling over the first clue:
Out of the gate
Along the edge
The treasure you seek
Is under the _____
Having found the second clue under the hedge, Boookie and Ela started really getting into this:
It's big and it's green
It's been known to float
The treasure you seek
Is under the ____
Too easy!  Third clue:
The squirrels used to eat here
When we used it, it smelled gross
The treasure you seek
Is behind the bins of _______
Compost!  Fourth clue:
A silver shiny box of flame
To cook meat good to chew
The treasure you seek
Is in the ________
This one took awhile, particularly when Boookie decided the answer was "stew" and insisted the treasure must be inside.
The clue was eventually found.  Fifth clue:
A lofty perch to say awhile
(This clue, it doesn't rhyme)
The treasure you seek
Is in Boookie's ___ _____ (2 words)
Boookie delightedly reading the final clue, taped to the roof of the tree house:
While you've been busy finding clues,
You'll need the master plan
The key to all your treasure
Is back where this all _____
"Started!!!" he shouted and ran up the hill.  Not the word that the rhyme would suggest, but it worked :-)
LEGO Quinjet!
We are blessed indeed to have had this amazing lad in our family for ten whole years!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


The Mayor took Boookie, Ela and Semi downtown to see the Navy ships down at Fleet Week.  The line was long, but the sun was shining, the sea breeze was blowing, and we all were still in good spirits when we finally stepped on board.
The two ships at the pier we went to; we got to go on board the USS Gridley (DDG-101)
Boookie snapping a crisp salute next to the first weapon he could find on board, an M2 50 cal, which as our sailor tour guide repeated unnecessarily after Boookie announced it, "...has been in use, pretty much unchanged, since World War 2."
 Seimi, still working on his salute crispness, next to the M2
Salutes in front of the 5-inch main gun
 Salutes at the bow of the ship
 Salutes in front of the Phalanx 20mm Close In Weapons System
No salute?  Drop and give me 20, sailor!
 An F-22 Raptor flying overhead on the way to the airshow.
On Friday, when the Mayor announced he had seen an F-22 flying over downtown, Boookie scoffed in disbelief.  The look of amazement and joy on Boookie's face is sufficient apology for doubting the Mayor.
US Navy C-130 "Fat Albert" on the way to the air show.  We saw glimpses of the Blue Angels but everyone was hot and hungry by that time, so we caught the end of the show just listening to the roars overhead from our booth at Taco Del Mar.
  At the end of the tour
After the tour, all went to the Mayor's office to write on the whiteboard walls, have chair races, play golf around the office, eat snacks and dinner, run, scream, and otherwise pilfer our weasely guts out.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Eejee's favorite look

Eejee's favorite expression is the look of amazement.  His favorite toy is his bucket.  It's amazing the number of things that cause him to whistle in surprise and astonishment.
Just yesterday, he whistled in astonishment at something entirely unremarkable and covered the Mayor in chewed-up chicken.