Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Happy Birthday Seimi!

Our Seimi turned 7 years old today! We started the birthday celebration yesterday at the Seattle Aquarium. Seimi, being the monster-lover that he is, picked out the biggest, strangest stuffed animal at the aquarium store.
Here's the fish that the hobbitlings have dubbed "Nick Fury"
Seimi and Nick Fury
Seimi on a metal squid (you're getting the drift here - the kid likes monsters)
Eejee with a diver
Ela tapping her fins "impatiently".
Boookie getting hot under the collar
Boookie and Ela being silly
Today was Seimi's official birthday and the remainder of the celebration. Daddy and Seimi went to Family Fun Center and spent 4 hours getting their money's worth from all the activities. Laser tag was first up and we lost track of the number of rounds - probably at least 4.
Seimi got the Mayor soaked on bumper boats, so we just did that twice (the second time with a strict "no squirting" rule implemented).
Seimi being goofy on the roller slide at the play area.
Seimi was able to drive the bumper cars himself and enjoyed the privilege of being behind the wheel.
We did two rounds of the world's fastest game of mini golf. Seimi took to sprinting along to see how quickly he could deliver the ball (by hand) to each of the 18 cups.
The best part of the time was probably the go karts. Here's a video of the Mayor and Seimi going around the track. We named all the parts of the track (in case you can't hear the video):
  • Porsche Curve
  • Daddy Back Straight
  • Birthday Apex
  • Seimi Straightaway
  • Ford Curve
  • Audi Curve
While Seimi and the Mayor were off playing, the Hobbit Wife was making an amazing dinner, including tornado potatoes and chocolate chip cookie ice cream bowls.
 Happy Birthday, Seimi!
Ela made a lovely card for Seimi, with several different views of one of his favorite cars, a Maclaren 675 LT.
Seimi out in the yard trying out his new RC truck "Rocky," which proved itself capable on most of the terrain in our yard: sidewalks, tall grass, rocks, and slopes.  

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Summer Princess

The Mayor and Ela finally got to sewing Ela's "Moana" dress this afternoon. Here's our voyaging princess in the backyard.
Our beautiful summer princess
Princess Ela and her Kakamora crew on board their makeshift catamaran

Friday, June 9, 2017

Woods Walkers

This is what it's like going for a walk with the Sons of Thunder

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Upcoming Work

The hobbitlings helping the Mayor clear out some brush for the next building project.
After the Mayor finished hauling debris lat weekend and cleaned out the driveway, for three whole, glorious days, the van was able to be parked at the very end of the driveway.
This morning, we had a stump grinding company come to take care of the stumps of all the trees that have been cut down around the driveway. As Eejee described it, "It was a tree chopper machine. It chopped up the trees."
The Mayor ordered supplies from Home Depot and actually had said supplies delivered for the first time ever. As Eejee described it, "The beep-beep went pick it up. It went pick up boards and rocks and sticks."
The boards and rocks and sticks, soon to become the foundation and floor of the Mayor's new shop.

Monday, June 5, 2017

An afternoon in the life...

Here's a snapshot of Eejee's afternoon yesterday:
12PM - Lunch
12:30PM to 1:40PM - Stay very quiet in room after being put down for a nap while proceeding to empty the changing table and get into all the no-nos.

2PM - After cleanup and parental engagement regarding the previous activity, get ready to go to H's. While getting shoes on, inquire which foot is "wrong foot" and which foot is "other foot." [Eejee is accustomed to having someone tell him "wrong foot, buddy" or "other foot, Eejee" as he's getting his shoes are on, so that has apparently become his Left and Right.
4PM - After complaining of being tired, settle in for a "nap" at the H's. As anyone can plainly guess from this picture, no sleeping occurred at any point.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More Hard Work

Not content with just rebuilding the shed, the Mayor and the hobbitlings kept working their way east and hauling out junk, including the compost pile.

A Requiem for a Compost Pile
   Old, ugly and generally disgusting
    You are gone but your stink is not forgotten
   Your eggshells will forever be in our hearts (and yard)

The hobbitlings seem surprisingly cheerful, despite the demise of a lifetime fixture in the yard.
Boookie driving in posts for the new structure
Seimi lending his mini muscles to the construction effort
The structure in progress.
Ta-dah! The Mayor needs to install 2 more cedar boards on the sides and eventually it will get something other than dirt for a floor, but it's up and it keeps rain off bikes!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hard Work

The Mayor and hobbitlings cleaned out the old shed, the floor of which had collapsed many years ago. Here's the Mayor doing his best "Samson carrying the city gates" impression.
Building the new floor for the shed.
Ela and Boookie helped the Mayor by painting the shed while Seimi helped the Mayor by watching Eejee and keeping him out of trouble.
Boookie with his first paycheck: feet up on the table, blasting Metallica, flashing his hard-earned cash, while a beautiful woman feeds him Honey Nut Cheerios. In his words, "I could get used to this!"