Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Two Months

The insurance company acknowledged Eoghan's 2-month birthday by sending him his very first bill.  
"Son, you're two months old and it's time you started making your own way in the world."

We're going to see if the insurance company will take payment in baby cuteness.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Weber Bailey Buggy Bumper

On Saturday, the residents of Michael Delving were delighted to host GrandMa, Apu, Uncle Goose, and Miss Becky for an afternoon visit
Becky and Ela
 Gabe and Becky
The United States Navy: the Future, the Present, the Legend!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Seimi's Fourth Birthday

To celebrate Seimi's fourth birthday, the Mayor took him camping, which was what the medium-sized boy really wanted.  The Mayor kept it low-key, and the guys went camping down by the river behind Clean Food Farm, Grammy and Grampz's farm.
Seimi enjoyed the 5-minute "hike" back to the camping spot, perched in the garden cart atop the sleeping bags.
Here's the tent and Seimi with his current favorite portrait pose, "Mouth Wide Open."
Seimi especially loved hanging out with Grammy and Grampz and getting the "Micros Machines" all to himself.  He even got to play with the P-51 Mustang the entire time, which never happens when Boookie is there.
On the way back home, the Mayor and Seimi stopped and played at a park and looked at classic cars at a car show.  A wonderful birthday party for a wonderful medium-size boy.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Spring To Summer

The Hobbit Wife instructed Seimi to get dressed up to go outside.  He came up with a dirty sweatshirt and suit pants.  We love our newly-minted four-year-old!
Ela has had some opportunities to try her hand at photography.  We couldn't possibly post all the pictures of beautiful trees and flowers, but here are a few selections from her perspective.
 An Ela perspective on Daddy.
 An Ela perspective on Seimi.
Seimi lost his water bottle last night so the Mayor filled up an empty beer bottle for the medium-size boy, who was disappointed it was "Wass, Not Beer."
An Ela perspective on Boookie.
An Ela perspective on her "outdoor wardrobe"
The hobbitlings hovering over the "end of spring" Hawaiian feast last night.
Our little boat (A-Riddle-Aye-Day) was displaced from the storage spot in the driveway with all the tree-felling action, so the hobbitlings have seized the opportunity for some dry-land sailing experience.
And what post about the changing seasons would be complete without pictures of the ever-changing, ever-changed littlest hobbitling, Eoghan.  These photos were taken seconds apart.
The sun sets on a wonderful spring with hope and joy promised for the coming summer.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Red dog

Here's Ela being a good big sister and watching Eoghan.
Here's Eoghan with his favorite pacifier, Ulrik the Wolf Binky.  We needed to proactively name this pacifier to avoid the inevitable yet lame name of Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hiram the Ponderosa Pine

We had an exciting morning, as we had a large Ponderosa Pine (dubbed "Hiram" this morning) removed by a tree service.
Around noon we got to see the P-51 flyover at our house, celebrating and remembering the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.
Pulling down the last piece of Hiram.
The Mayor has always loved slab furniture, and now has a 16-foot piece of over 30-inch diameter Ponderosa Pine to work with.

May Picture Update

Our littlest hobbitling is cute as ever.
 We got a zoo membership and the hobbitlings love to visit their friends, the meerkats.
Playing around on an old Navy cannon outside the zoo.
 Eoghan sacked out in the stroller.
 Eoghan taking a bath, Dalai Lama-style
 Seimi sacked out after a hard day of play, unable to finish his soup.
 Eoghan sacked out in the sling, carefully transferred to the bed.
 Ela showing off creations she made with Legos from Auntie Alexis
 Eoghan enjoying some sunshine time