Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mid October Post

It has been a long four months since work began on the shop, with much patience and teamwork by the hobbitlings doing their part inside.
The Hobbit Wife came to the Mayor's rescue and helped him with the siding installation. As of nightfall last night, all the siding and trim is installed, all the critical caulking is complete, and the gutter and downspout are installed. The rains may REALLY start now.
It's very cool to see a real building that grew out of years of dreaming and some sketches the Mayor drew up in the spring.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

September Post

It's time for another sequential post to get caught up on the goings-on. The Chiefest and Greatest Reason for no blog posts is captured by the picture below. The Mayor spent a week and a half at the beginning of August doing a full structural design/redesign of the shop building. There is much more to the story, but the Mayor's second round of permitting was approved and work has continued on the shop.
There have been some nights of read-out-loud while doing things.
All lined up waiting for the eclipse.
A non-definitive photo of the eclipse, but in one of the lens flares, you can see a mirror image of the early stages of the eclipse.
Given that we didn't get a 100% eclipse, the best part was just to enjoy the odd phenomena, such as "fingernail" shadows.
Walking through the woods to see what may be seen.
The Mayor took Boookie and Ela for their first real bike ride on a trail.
Ela has done some leaf collecting. This is no optical illusion - that is a 3-foot-wide leaf from our neighbor's Empress tree.
Admiring the interior of a new Subaru WRX.
The Mayor atop the shop roof after completing the roof framing and sheathing.
The finished roof, complete with roof venting and a permanent anchor for fall protection. The rains may now commence.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Happy Birthday Boookie!

Yesterday was Boookie's 12th birthday. We started the day heading up to the pool. Here's a picture of the hobbitlings ready to go in their "blanket shirts." (Eejee term).
It was a blazing hot day, so most of it was spent in the Bunker reading or playing games. The Mayor and Hobbit Wife set up a dinner party in the Mayor's in-progress shop. Here's the table set and ready for hobbitlings to come to the feast.
Everyone checking out the party.
After dinner, pre-presents picture.
Boookie opening up his custom-made present...
...a Dodge SRT Hellcat logo shirt!
The blazing blinding brightness of a dozen beacons of birthday bliss! Hooray for Boookie and the joy of celebration.
The Mayor's shop at night.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Midsummer Post

The hobbits of Michael Delving have been busy enjoying the summer so here is the Mayor's catch-up midsummer post (in chronological rather than topical order).
Eejee surveying the cleared area that is to become the Mayor's shop.
Seimi and Eejee mining vibranium.
Eejee digging one of the posts while Boookie Meerkat pokes out of a completed foundation excavation.
Hobbitlings were all removed prior to pouring concrete.
Seimi and Eejee hard at work on their own construction project.
 The Mayor's construction materials are borrowed to create boats on a very regular basis.
The Mayor posing with the installed posts that will support his shop.
 Completed floor joists for the shop level.
The Mayor and the three older hobbitlings went to our annual baseball game at Cheney Stadium.
Despite the calendar date of July 3, a sleeping bag was snagged from the van.
Eejee coaching Otter with a backsquat, "Come on Otter, you can do it!"
Eejee reading Car & Driver magazine. He was delightedly pointing out models of cars and then shouted "Look! Here's monk!!"
Explanation: "monk" is how he pronounces milk, and he saw a bag of groceries in an ad for floor mats.
Of course we had to celebrate 7-11 with free Slurpees. 
Ela rode her old bicycle until the bearings were completely shot, so she got a new bike.
Seimi also got a new bike, though he is mostly admiring it and is still tentative about riding.
The Mayor with the first section of framing complete.
With help from two buddies, the Mayor got the first floor framing erected.
And with help from two more buddies, the Mayor got the second floor up.
Today was "Tour de Terrace" and the hobbitlings enjoyed the car show. Here are Boookie and Seimi next to a De Tomaso Pantera.
A nice AC Cobra replica.
Eejee on one of the rides.
All the hobbitlings at the carnival.