Friday, August 4, 2017

Happy Birthday Boookie!

Yesterday was Boookie's 12th birthday. We started the day heading up to the pool. Here's a picture of the hobbitlings ready to go in their "blanket shirts." (Eejee term).
It was a blazing hot day, so most of it was spent in the Bunker reading or playing games. The Mayor and Hobbit Wife set up a dinner party in the Mayor's in-progress shop. Here's the table set and ready for hobbitlings to come to the feast.
Everyone checking out the party.
After dinner, pre-presents picture.
Boookie opening up his custom-made present...
...a Dodge SRT Hellcat logo shirt!
The blazing blinding brightness of a dozen beacons of birthday bliss! Hooray for Boookie and the joy of celebration.
The Mayor's shop at night.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Midsummer Post

The hobbits of Michael Delving have been busy enjoying the summer so here is the Mayor's catch-up midsummer post (in chronological rather than topical order).
Eejee surveying the cleared area that is to become the Mayor's shop.
Seimi and Eejee mining vibranium.
Eejee digging one of the posts while Boookie Meerkat pokes out of a completed foundation excavation.
Hobbitlings were all removed prior to pouring concrete.
Seimi and Eejee hard at work on their own construction project.
 The Mayor's construction materials are borrowed to create boats on a very regular basis.
The Mayor posing with the installed posts that will support his shop.
 Completed floor joists for the shop level.
The Mayor and the three older hobbitlings went to our annual baseball game at Cheney Stadium.
Despite the calendar date of July 3, a sleeping bag was snagged from the van.
Eejee coaching Otter with a backsquat, "Come on Otter, you can do it!"
Eejee reading Car & Driver magazine. He was delightedly pointing out models of cars and then shouted "Look! Here's monk!!"
Explanation: "monk" is how he pronounces milk, and he saw a bag of groceries in an ad for floor mats.
Of course we had to celebrate 7-11 with free Slurpees. 
Ela rode her old bicycle until the bearings were completely shot, so she got a new bike.
Seimi also got a new bike, though he is mostly admiring it and is still tentative about riding.
The Mayor with the first section of framing complete.
With help from two buddies, the Mayor got the first floor framing erected.
And with help from two more buddies, the Mayor got the second floor up.
Today was "Tour de Terrace" and the hobbitlings enjoyed the car show. Here are Boookie and Seimi next to a De Tomaso Pantera.
A nice AC Cobra replica.
Eejee on one of the rides.
All the hobbitlings at the carnival.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Interim July Funny Post (IJFP)

The Michael Delving hobbits have been very busy since the last post and the Mayor will do a catch-up post soon. One of the recent adventures has been dealing with infestations with several different types of ants. The hobbitlings cleaned out the bunker to allow more effective extermination of the six-legged miscreants and this morning they built an interrogation facility in an attempt to get to the bottom of the Formicidae Plot.
LEGO guards and captured ants awaiting interrogation. Note that each ant is imprisoned in a custom LEGO prison that has been designed to contain each subject's tiny superpowers.
The interrogation spotlight on one of the winged carpenter ants. The ants are holding steady but one of them is bound to break soon and then the hobbitlings will have all the information they need to disrupt the invasion.
Ants - Ye Have Been Warned!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Happy Birthday Seimi!

Our Seimi turned 7 years old today! We started the birthday celebration yesterday at the Seattle Aquarium. Seimi, being the monster-lover that he is, picked out the biggest, strangest stuffed animal at the aquarium store.
Here's the fish that the hobbitlings have dubbed "Nick Fury"
Seimi and Nick Fury
Seimi on a metal squid (you're getting the drift here - the kid likes monsters)
Eejee with a diver
Ela tapping her fins "impatiently".
Boookie getting hot under the collar
Boookie and Ela being silly
Today was Seimi's official birthday and the remainder of the celebration. Daddy and Seimi went to Family Fun Center and spent 4 hours getting their money's worth from all the activities. Laser tag was first up and we lost track of the number of rounds - probably at least 4.
Seimi got the Mayor soaked on bumper boats, so we just did that twice (the second time with a strict "no squirting" rule implemented).
Seimi being goofy on the roller slide at the play area.
Seimi was able to drive the bumper cars himself and enjoyed the privilege of being behind the wheel.
We did two rounds of the world's fastest game of mini golf. Seimi took to sprinting along to see how quickly he could deliver the ball (by hand) to each of the 18 cups.
The best part of the time was probably the go karts. Here's a video of the Mayor and Seimi going around the track. We named all the parts of the track (in case you can't hear the video):
  • Porsche Curve
  • Daddy Back Straight
  • Birthday Apex
  • Seimi Straightaway
  • Ford Curve
  • Audi Curve
While Seimi and the Mayor were off playing, the Hobbit Wife was making an amazing dinner, including tornado potatoes and chocolate chip cookie ice cream bowls.
 Happy Birthday, Seimi!
Ela made a lovely card for Seimi, with several different views of one of his favorite cars, a Maclaren 675 LT.
Seimi out in the yard trying out his new RC truck "Rocky," which proved itself capable on most of the terrain in our yard: sidewalks, tall grass, rocks, and slopes.