Monday, April 24, 2017

Who Has Eejee?

A common theme around Michael Delving as there is any change of gears in the activities of the day is "who has Eejee?"
This morning as the question was being asked during school and gym preparations, Eejee helpfully chimed in, "I got Eejee!"
 How very reassuring.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

When I Survey

On Friday, the Mayor cancelled regular school for Boookie and Ela and took them outside for some real engineering. The two of them helped the Mayor survey the south portion of the estate to aid in the layout and design of the new shop and future improvements. The Mayor was very impressed with his quick-learning assistants.
After showing the assistant hobbit surveyors how to write down the coordinates, the Mayor had nothing more to do with keeping records.
In fact, the Mayor mostly stood around and gave directions.
The Mayor has almost trained his own replacement.
The completed survey in Google SketchUp. That is some excellent work by Boookie and Ela. They have a fine teacher indeed in the Hobbit Wife.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pre-Easter Festivities

Tonight after dinner the Mayor and Hobbit Wife prepared for what has become our annual Easter tradition of a night-time Easter egg hunt in our yard.
The eggs all laid out and ready for eager hobbitlings. The Mayor found a cool LED balloon lantern to hang up.
And here are all the hobbitlings emptying candy and glow sticks from the eggs, illuminated by the glow of our collected festive cheer.
The growing pile of glowsticks.
And the grand finale is when all the hobbitlings get to cycle through a glowing bubble bath.

On Cioppino

Today the Mayor made Seafood Cioppino so he could enjoy a wonderful spring morning in the kitchen (seriously - he is mental that way). As the Mayor began ladling the soup out to the hobbitlings, he showed them how to remove the clam meat from the shell.
As he threw the shells into the discard bowl, Seimi piped up, "What's the matter? Don't you like your shells?"

Friday, April 14, 2017

It's Official

In the words of "Hamilton," And just like that, it's over...
The 11-year-long, whole-house remodel is officially over as far as building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical permitting is concerned. Completely new electrical and plumbing, all new doors, windows, flooring, walls, completely redone kitchen, one bathroom completely redone and a new bathroom and laundry room added. It's good to be done.

Monday, April 10, 2017

One-Third April

One-third of the way into April, it's time for an update. The Mayor has been busy around the smials at Michael Delving. Below is all the electrical equipment he has replaced in the past couple weeks to bring everything up to the 2014 code. Very long story there.
All the hobbits took Sunday off to play and rest. Here is Eejee digging in one of the flowerbeds that hasn't been planted yet.
Here's Ela planting some of the flowerbeds.
Seimi was asked to bring up large rocks from the backyard for the edge of the flowerbed but he put his unique Seimi twist on the assignment.
Here's Boookie, victorious in his attack on debris in the driveway.
After the yard work was done, the hobbitlings played outside while the Mayor did more cleanup. Here's Ela setting up her enchanted castle.
Ela's magical tea party
Boookie and Seimi conspired to set up a battle in the grass.
Boookie's troops practicing their phalanx formation.
Addendum - some random photos and facts associated with early April.
Fact #1: Ela discovered a package of googley eyes
Fact #2: Seimi put glasses on his blanket, Doggy Lee

Fact #3: One night when bedtime was announced, Eejee flopped down on Ela's sleeping mat and held on, begging to sleep in the Bunker.
Fact #4: Eejee smuggled dirt into his room for use in cooking.
Fact #5: Ela set up a yard sale with a helpful sign "Our crap could be your crap."
Fact #6: Ela has been building an addition to the play structure.
Fact #7: The Mayor has been wading in a swamp.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Late Boookie Birthday

Today was Boookie's very-delayed birthday outing. Destination: Traxx Indoor Raceway. Boookie couldn't wait so we arrived early.
Training class for Boookie and his friend.
Getting some pointers from the track crew.
Triumphant racer!
Daddy and Boookie
Celebratory lunch at Jimmy Johns
Racers in action!