Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Adventure in the Southern Kingdom, Part the Boookie

To be updated on the morrow...

Adventure in the Southern Kingdom, Part the Ela

I was just thinking about being a princess.  ::giggle::  Being up next to the castle made me feel like a princess.  If this was my castle, I would even keep it the same color.  I would live up in the very top, where I have the best view.

This isn't actually a pirate flag.  It's stone.  And it's not real money, either, or else people would take it out.  If I could make this real, I would make the treasure real so I could take it.  I'm not posing as anything, just a girl with a gun who's been on a hunt.  Hunting treasure, of course.  You know how voyages are, you have to bring weapons. 
This is at Disneyland.  I don't remember what part.  I'm just being me, not imagining anything.  What else would I be?  I'm just shooting objects.  I actually didn't get many hits, but that's OK, because they're not real guns or real targets. 
Same as the first picture.  I'm standing with Merida.  I was nervous waiting for the picture, but I think I look like Merida in the picture, with my hair and my eyes and my smile.  Seimi is just shy.  Whenever he's introduced to people, he just acts shy and tries to be cute.  He was laying down and crawling right before this picture.
Actually, I don't know why I got this picture.  I liked this picture, but I don't know why I got it.  Jasmine was nice, mostly because she works there and it's her job to be nice.  Seimi was being weird again.  I still feel like a princess in this picture. 
I like this picture because it's pink and it's a castle.  I think my bedroom would actually be in the room with the tall windows.  We actually went inside that part, and we could see parts of the story.
This is me making a wish, just as the well turned pink because God made it pink for me.  It was blue right before this picture.  I was wishing all my life would be a fairy tale, but actually, it already is.
This is just me being at Disneyland.  Kind of being fairy tale-ish.  I don't mean "ish," just being fairy tale. 
Me posing as nature in the Pixie Forest.  I'm sitting on a sunflower.  Wouldn't it be funny if there was a wedding and the bluebells were actual bells?  But only if you got married in the Pixie Forest.  I would love to marry somebody with the last name of Pink, because then I could be Ela Pink.
 I don't know why I'm not looking at the camera.  A pink flower probably caught my attention.
I like this picture because I like his wide eyes and fat baby cheeks.
This is at Legoland.  We didn't even have to steer because it was on tracks.  We just sat back and steered with our feet.
This is me waving at Daddy.  This is very similar to Alice's Magic Teacup ride.  We got a red color because Jesus picked it for me because it's closest to pink.  Last time we went to Legoland I was too short to ride this.  I asked Daddy if we could go away and not watch Boookie ride because it made me too sad.
I'm not sure why these rides aren't more Lego-ish.  Me having fun. 
This is me having fun at the pool.  I don't know why I slid down the waterslide so many times.  I think it was because I wished there was a pool and this was the deepest water.  Probably at least 13 times.  I like how I'm not smiling, like with my teeth, but I'm just having fun.
And here I'm being Princess Leia, giving the message to R2D2.
Here's me giving the message to R2D2 the last time we were at Legoland, when I was 4.
Legoland was mostly boy-ish.
Disneyland is mostly known for its princesses because it's a romantic club.

Adventure in the Southern Kingdom, Part the Seimi

Following are Seimi's highlights from the adventure (commentary in italics):
You mean in the airport?  The big planes.  Big planes.  The large planes, you know.  Yeah, yeah, the large planes.
Seimi's brother and sister played on the iPad during the flight, but Seimi just wanted to read the great comic book in the seatback pocket and decide which boat he would get in when the plane crashed (octagonal boat on the left side of the front exit, in case you wondered).  He also diligently studied the safety card and told the Mayor he would tell everyone when the number changed from 737.

Following are Seimi's highlights.  The most important was this Baby Eejee one because "he's so cute!"
Shooting is the trains.  See, I mean bottles.  I like shooting the bottles.  Boookie always says, "What should we shoot next?"  Then we always need to shoot the train that goes, "Noo-en! noo-en!"
I got a gun at Disneyland.  Two guns!  Now I have two guns!
Where is this place?
(Mayor's response: Frontierland, in Disneyland, in California)
Oh man, it needs to be in Washington!
I like the roofs on the castle.  I wanted to make sure we had a picture of the castle.
This is the wishing well by the castle.  I wished I could see a castle, and I did!
 Window.  And a kind of door thing.  I like this picture because it's so weird.
 Is that only one of the Iron Man suits?  There were a whole bunch of Iron Man suits.
And this is all of us with Captain America.  I'm looking at Daddy and Ela because I like to.
 And then we went to Legoland and I got to drive!
 And here's the big bucket dumping at Legoland.
 Baby Eoghan.  And Darth Vader.
 A monster is eating me!
  That's all!

iPad Baby

There will be Southern Kingdom Adventure posts very soon (tonight if the Mayor can get his act together), but first, we proudly present:

The Baby Who Must See What's On TV


Eejee is really starting to try out his language sounds.  In the past couple days, he's picked up on "Night-night" and last night, he said "nigh-nigh da-da" three times (Ela and the Hobbit Wife were there and can attest).  He (both Hes, actually) was so proud of this.

To be fair, you should also know Eejee is convinced he can communicate with coughing, and he's been trying to teach the rest of Michael Delving the varied and deeply significant messages conveyed by his vast hacking repertoire.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Adventure in the Southern Kingdom, Part the First

Once upon a week ago, the Mayor and Hobbit Wife made a pot of coffee early in the morning, then sat down to pray about a vacation.  The Mayor, who had been working very long hours for several months, was quite unexpectedly paid for all his overtime.  The Mayor and Hobbit Wife heard a joyful, whispered invitation from the Father of All Michael Delving to ask Him for some badly needed rest and some good gifts.

The Mayor and Hobbit Wife asked their Father for an Adventure in the Southern Kingdom, then booked plane tickets.  The four wee hobbitlings were then informed that all Michael Delving residents would be departing upon the morrow for southern California, with trips planned to Disneyland and Legoland.  There was much rejoicing.  And a flurry of packing. 

The next day, the hobbit family completed their air travels, picked-up a rental van, and arrived at the hotel late Sunday night.  

And then their adventure really began! 

The hotel informed the Mayor that his debit card was declined.  The Mayor drove to a nearby ATM, which provided more illumination: "Transaction denied.  We're sorry.  Your card has been deactivated.  Please contact your financial institution."  Fortunately, the Mayor banks with a wonderful credit union.  Unfortunately, the wonderful credit union wouldn't open until Monday morning.

The hobbits of Michael Delving were facing a night without a hobbit hole. The entire family prayed together, and the best prayer of all was from Seimi:

"Dear Jesus, I just turned four.  The end."  In other words, "You need to handle this problem, Jesus - I'm too little."

The Mayor's phone suddenly rang, and it was someone from the bank's outsourced fraud protection group checking on suspicious activity.  It was revealed that, in the flurry of preparations, the Mayor had neglected to inform his bank that he would be travelling out-of-state.  Payment for the rental van had resulted in a "stolen card" flag on the account. The fraud protection guy was not immediately able to reactivate the card, but he was partially able to remove the hold on the ATM transaction, allowing the Mayor to get just enough cash for the hotel that night.  

The picture below shows the sum total of the hobbits consumable resources for that first night: a few handfuls of trail-mix from home, some left-over pretzels and peanuts from the air plane, two bottles of water from the hotel front desk, and less than $30 cash.  The hobbits were all at once very poor and very secure in the immense love of their adventure-providing Father. 

This was only the beginning of the Adventure in the Southern Kingdom, and more posts are to follow.  The Father of All Michael Delving took care of all the provision, many surprises, and much joy; and all six of the travelers from Michael Delving got to be His wee hobbitlings together.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why We Discriminate Based on Color

The Mayor hates sorting laundry.  If a garment can't hack it with everything else, there are serious doubts whether such a garment should be in the closet in the first place.  The Mayor came home today and as he was sorting several loads of clean laundry he had washed last night (in large, unsorted loads as is his way), he picked up a beautiful, large purple shirt and started tearing up, thinking how fast his little girl is growing up.

Then he found another one of her beautiful, very large purple shirts.

And another.

And more purple towels and socks than his pink-loving girl could possibly own.

And that is the story of how the Mayor learned to sort laundry.