Monday, August 3, 2015

Boookie's 10th Birthday

After his birthday dinner, Boookie was sent to check the mail, where he discovered he was invited to a Treasure Hunt.  Puzzling over the first clue:
Out of the gate
Along the edge
The treasure you seek
Is under the _____
Having found the second clue under the hedge, Boookie and Ela started really getting into this:
It's big and it's green
It's been known to float
The treasure you seek
Is under the ____
Too easy!  Third clue:
The squirrels used to eat here
When we used it, it smelled gross
The treasure you seek
Is behind the bins of _______
Compost!  Fourth clue:
A silver shiny box of flame
To cook meat good to chew
The treasure you seek
Is in the ________
This one took awhile, particularly when Boookie decided the answer was "stew" and insisted the treasure must be inside.
The clue was eventually found.  Fifth clue:
A lofty perch to say awhile
(This clue, it doesn't rhyme)
The treasure you seek
Is in Boookie's ___ _____ (2 words)
Boookie delightedly reading the final clue, taped to the roof of the tree house:
While you've been busy finding clues,
You'll need the master plan
The key to all your treasure
Is back where this all _____
"Started!!!" he shouted and ran up the hill.  Not the word that the rhyme would suggest, but it worked :-)
LEGO Quinjet!
We are blessed indeed to have had this amazing lad in our family for ten whole years!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


The Mayor took Boookie, Ela and Semi downtown to see the Navy ships down at Fleet Week.  The line was long, but the sun was shining, the sea breeze was blowing, and we all were still in good spirits when we finally stepped on board.
The two ships at the pier we went to; we got to go on board the USS Gridley (DDG-101)
Boookie snapping a crisp salute next to the first weapon he could find on board, an M2 50 cal, which as our sailor tour guide repeated unnecessarily after Boookie announced it, "...has been in use, pretty much unchanged, since World War 2."
 Seimi, still working on his salute crispness, next to the M2
Salutes in front of the 5-inch main gun
 Salutes at the bow of the ship
 Salutes in front of the Phalanx 20mm Close In Weapons System
No salute?  Drop and give me 20, sailor!
 An F-22 Raptor flying overhead on the way to the airshow.
On Friday, when the Mayor announced he had seen an F-22 flying over downtown, Boookie scoffed in disbelief.  The look of amazement and joy on Boookie's face is sufficient apology for doubting the Mayor.
US Navy C-130 "Fat Albert" on the way to the air show.  We saw glimpses of the Blue Angels but everyone was hot and hungry by that time, so we caught the end of the show just listening to the roars overhead from our booth at Taco Del Mar.
  At the end of the tour
After the tour, all went to the Mayor's office to write on the whiteboard walls, have chair races, play golf around the office, eat snacks and dinner, run, scream, and otherwise pilfer our weasely guts out.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Eejee's favorite look

Eejee's favorite expression is the look of amazement.  His favorite toy is his bucket.  It's amazing the number of things that cause him to whistle in surprise and astonishment.
Just yesterday, he whistled in astonishment at something entirely unremarkable and covered the Mayor in chewed-up chicken.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Ecumenical bedtime

Boookie, Ela and Eejee all have their bedtime routines and the things that have to be just so, every time.

Seimi is more broad-minded, as long as he has Doggy Lee. Tonight the Mayor tucked him in bed with a Star Wars spaceship, a penguin, and a plastic fish from a bathtub fishing set.

Boookie's Ninth Birthday Hike

Boookie turned nine last summer and this last weekend, finally got his long-delayed birthday hike with the Mayor.  They hiked in to Pete Lake, north of Cle Elum in the Cascades and camped overnight, then did some day hiking before heading back out. 
Boookie hiked 8 miles with a backpack, which was a big accomplishment for his first time out with a pack.  He had the coolest gear in the whole wilderness area, with a pocket knife on his belt and a new assault backpack complete with Navy knife from Apu, compound bow, and an attack meerkat.
Boookie trying out his bow for the first time.  He's always been fairly noncommittal on whether he's right- or left-handed, and when the Mayor was looking at pictures he realized Boookie switched which hand he was shooting with, depending on the angles and his mood.  He appears to have been well named, a member of the Benjamite special forces who were left-handed; every one could sling a stone at a hair and not miss (Judges 10:16).
Boookie stalking his first deer.  The Mayor was overjoyed to get to talk him through distances, angles, obstructions, wind, and finally the ethics of why we won't ever take this shot.
Boookie showing Cutie Kittie around up at the headwaters of the Cooper River.
Our campsite at Pete Lake.  It was really this amazing.  A family of beavers greeted us when we arrived and as we packed up, an F/A-18 came screaming through the valley.  Everything was to say "Happy Birthday" to a very special son.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Seimi was taking a bath when the Mayor complimented him on not scratching his mosquito bites.
M: Great job not scratching your bad owies (S's term for owies that get, shall we say, "Interesting" due to too much scratching)
S: (excitedly) No, see?! It's not called a bad owie; it's a God bandaid!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The hobbitlings love playing Minecraft.  The Mayor, despite his love of LEGOs, still doesn't get the pixelly attraction of the game; after all, wasn't the whole point of computer advancement to get away from the pixelly look?  Anyhow, the sharing of Minecraft worlds has led to some interesting and hilarious conversations.  Two that were overheard today:
S: Daddy, look!  I shot all the animals in this world with my bow!
E: Oh no, Seimi!  That was my farm world!  Seimi, I wanted those animals!
[30 minutes later, after Seimi attempted to repair the damage, then gave the world back to Ela]
D: Ela, why are you going around killing all the animals?
E: [sigh] Seimi tried to help me by putting animals back in my world, but he didn't put any in the pastures, so now I have to go get rid of all the cows that are filling my library and dining room and formal garden areas and put them back inside the gates.
The Mayor later asked Ela why she was going around adding a whole bunch of water to a world.
E: Seimi lit a whole bunch of his world on fire and now he needs my help to make sure everything doesn't burn up.
S: [grinning] I like catching things on fire!